Sorry TRUK is now closed.

Who are TRUK?

The first ever Slideback also known as a ‘Tilt and Slide’ was designed by the GrandFather of the current owner of TRUK during the 1960’s. The first small Slideback was designed and built in the 1970”s for the UK Recovery market.

Through the 1970’s and 1980’s the product range grew to include Spectacle Lifts, Heavy Underlifts and car Transporters.

During the 1990’s TRUK began standardizing the design of its Slidebacks to fit the majority of European Chassis from 7 – 12 tonnes.

Today TRUK continues to supply high quality, innovative, customer focused products such as the Florida “Ultra low” Slidebacks which thanks to the rear swinging underun bar have athe best possible loading angle.

What do TRUK sell?

TRUK design and build a range of new recovery and transportation vehicles. Truk do not keep products in stock so every image on this site is of one of our previous customers vehicles.

Each TRUK is custom built to order on a chassis of your choice which means that you can have exactly the vehicle that suits your needs.

If you have a chassis that you want to use to build your recovery or transportation vehicle, we can check its suitability for the build you have in mind. If you are unsure about what chassis you want or need, we can help you make that decision.

TRUK products are all designed and manufactured in the UK.







We have always been pleased with the very high quality of the ‘California’ Slidebacks and the new one with its lower loading angle and improved specification have made it even better. We also get a great after sales service, which is important to us, and that’s why we keep going back to them.

I am very pleased with the Iveco and Truk Slideback combination and its stunning graphics. It will present a high quality image to all our customers. And what’s more the driver likes it, particularly the Truk Slideback, because of its low loading angle, speed of operation, and the fact that when he is driving it, there are no bangs and rattles coming from the Slideback and second car spectacle lift, as there have been from other Slidebacks he has driven.

With all the kit we have to carry I wanted a body with enough internal volume to carry everything we could possibly need, and still have room to spare. This new body not only looks good but gives me the room to spare I wanted. I’ve bought Truk Slidebacks and Spectacle Lifts for the past seven years and always been very pleased with them. The people at Truk are very helpful and I’m very pleased with the quality of products.

Why Buy TRUK ?

TRUK and its manufactures have many years of experience supplying vehicles for the Recovery and Tansportation markets.

TRUK are always focused on providing high quality, innovative products that satisfy our customers needs.

Should there ever be a problem with your vehicle, TRUK provide a responsive parts and service department as part of its customer focused after sales service.

At TRUK we believe that great communication is the key to long lasting relationships, which is one of the reasons so many of our customers return time and time again.

What you get when you buy a TRUK

Each TRUK is supplied with

Hands on training for your operator at our factory
A comprehensive, operator’s manual
Individual Vehicle Type Approval
A Safe Working Load Certificate

Each TRUK is backed by

An unlimited lifetime technical support
A 12 month warranty for peace of mind