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TRUK Exports to Angola


Truk have recently built three CLA400A Low approach beds for export to Angola.

The vehicles, ordered by “Automotive Design” will be used for the recovery of armoured vehicles.

The three vehicle were built without Flyers, with basic under run protection and with 5000kg winches for hasstle free use.



TRUK Recovery vehicle truck Slideback Low Approach on 8T Hino Chassis
New Recovery Truck - Recovery Vehicle - Slideback

NEW Flip Up Rear Under Run / Tow Bar option for Florida Ultra Low


Our new option for our Florida Ultra Low beds.

Our flip up Rear Under Run Bar allows our Florida Ultra Low beds to get even lower that before.

Perfect for customers who require the lowest loading angles for recovering and transporting prestige vehicles.

The Under run bar can be fitted as is or with the optional Tow Ball attachment as pictured.

If you aren’t having a 2nd car lift on your vehicle this is a great option.

NEW Slimline Manual Sliding Winch Mechanism


 Our new manual sliding winch mechanism has been designed to reduce weight and to increase bed space.

 It is easy to operate, fully galvanised and looks good on your bed.

 Our new sliding mechanism will increase your usable bed space by 10cm on our Low Approach range of beds,

on our Ultra low it will increase your usable bed space by 17cm.

 Perfect for when you are moving vehicles like the Mercedes LWB Sprinter.


New Recovery Truck - Recovery Vehicle - Beavertail
New Recovery Truck - Recovery Vehicle - Slideback

NEW Galvanised Steel floor option for all California Aluminium beds.


Our new option for all Aluminium beds.

3mm thick Galvanised Sheet steel, covering our beds edge to edge and the full length of the body.

Perfect for customers who require the payload saving and ease of maintenance that comes with an Aluminium bed but require the greater durability that steel can offer.

A faster and cheeper build than a steel bed.

No painted surfaces or rust to worry about.

A great alternative to steel beds.

NEW Larger rear edge wheels for Ultra Low Range


Our new rear edge wheels, available as an option on our California Ultra Low range help keep your body looking good for longer.

The large radius wheels are designed so that stones won’t get caught in them, stopping the wheels and causing flat spots on the wheel.

There position on the corner edge of the body helps support the body across the full width.

Unlike other designs which place the wheels underneath the bed and set back a little, which creates flex in the bed when loading vehicles, The TRUK large wheels prevent any flex in the bed when loading vehicles.

They are also easy to replace should you ever need to.

New Recovery Truck - Recovery Vehicle - Beavertail
New Recovery Truck - Recovery Vehicle - Slideback

NEW Reinforced rear tail edge for Ultra Low Range


The rear section of our California Ultra Low Approach side raves has been re designed.

The new construction is quicker to build, stronger in use and better looking than ever before.

Finished with high quality attractive welding, left raw to show the skills of our fabricators, the rear of our body is both attractive and functional.

TRUK can now be found on Pinterest


Perfect For those of you that just like looking at lots of images of recovery vehicles.

We have images of many of our vehicles  and options each grouped in its own category so its easy to get a good idea of what our vehicles really look like.

In the future we will be posting more images of our vehicles during the build process so follow us to see how they are made.

New Recovery Truck - Recovery Vehicle - Beavertail
New Recovery Truck - Recovery Vehicle - Slideback

NEW Facebook Page for TRUK


Truk now have a new face book page which is growing fast. Follow us using this link.

We will be posting product updates, Chassis offers and much more in the future.

TRUK have updated their website


Our new look website is easy to navigate, is full of information and looks great too. The Navigation has been simplified so its now easier to find just what you are looking for.

The site still contains images of some of our previous customers vehicles but now gives you much more information about our products and how you can customise your TRUK just the way you like it.

The NEW CONTACT form is easy to use and helps us gather some clear information about your situation and what you are looking for.


New Recovery Truck - Recovery Vehicle - Beavertail