What some of our previous customers have to say about their TRUK Recovery and Transportation Vehicles

Previous Customer Testimonials

We have always been pleased with the very high quality of the ‘California’ Slidebacks and the new one with its lower loading angle and improved specification have made it even better. We also get a great after sales service, which is important to us, and that’s why we keep going back to them.

Andy Nock


I am very pleased with the Iveco and Truk Slideback combination and its stunning graphics. It will present a high quality image to all our customers. And what’s more the driver likes it, particularly the Truk Slideback, because of its low loading angle, speed of operation, and the fact that when he is driving it, there are no bangs and rattles coming from the Slideback and second car spectacle lift, as there have been from other Slidebacks he has driven.

George Charlambidies

The Bodyshop

Speaks for itself [their previous eight vehicles had been bought from Truk]. Their products are excellent value for money and their after sales service is very good. That’s why we keep going back to them.

Mike Stafford

Riverside Recovery

I was very impressed with the specification and quality of the Truk Slideback. As far as I could see no other manufacturer offered a high quality Slideback for such a competitive price. I am very impressed with the finished vehicle.

Daniel Price

D H Price

We have always bought quality recovery equipment and comparing it with other Slidebacks we have bought we are impressed with the quality of build and attention to detail.

Doug Macadam

John Macadam and Son Garages Ltd

With all the kit we have to carry I wanted a body with enough internal volume to carry everything we could possibly need, and still have room to spare. This new body not only looks good but gives me the room to spare I wanted. I’ve bought Truk Slidebacks and Spectacle Lifts for the past seven years and always been very pleased with them. The people at Truk are very helpful and I’m very pleased with the quality of products.

Brian Lewis

Tudor Recovery

The vehicle is doing all we hoped it would do. We are very happy with the standard of workmanship and found the people at Truk a pleasure to deal with.

Maggie Reeve

T Reeve and Son

Charlie Hagger, the owner of C & J Autos, wanted a Mitsubishi Canter Slideback to add to his growing fleet of recovery vehicles. “I wanted a 7.5 tonne chassis and Slideback with the maximum payload which is why I chose the Canter. I also wanted a high quality Slideback which would give me trouble free operation for years to come, and that’s why I chose the Truk ‘California’ Slideback. And I am very pleased with both of my choices.

Charlie Hagger

C & J Autos

I like the product, which is why I’ve bought four of them. I buy quality products and I’ve always found Truk’s build quality to be very good. Over the many years I’ve been using California Slidebacks I’ve also found them to be very reliable. What’s more Truk has always delivered them on time and that’s why I have the fifth one on order with them at the moment.

David Smithyes

DWS Bodyworks

I looked at many Slidebacks from a lot of different manufacturers and although price was important, what we wanted more than anything else, was good value for money. It’s no use buying a low priced product if the quality is poor. When I looked at the Truk California Slideback, I was impressed with how they were built, they seemed to put a lot of things into the product which even much more expensive Slidebacks didn’t. The California offered great value for money.

Philip Hillman

Beckington Motors

We are very pleased with Truk products. We find the build quality excellent, they are very reliable and good value for money in what is a competitive market.

Neil Winney & David Welham

Chancery Garage Ltd

It’s a great vehicle, I’m pleased with the DAF chassis and I’m very impressed with the Truk Twin Deck, its quality of build is much better than I expected it to be. I haven’t ever seen another recovery vehicle that looks as well finished. I am very happy with it. And their after sales service is brilliant. “As far as I’m concerned [when he orders another Twin Deck] it will be another Truk Twin Deck, their products are great value for money and they are nice people to deal with.

Barry Hovell

I am over the moon with the body. It is very strong and the quality of build is excellent. I was also impressed with the way my order was dealt with, nothing was too much trouble for him.

Steven Moody

S M Haulage

We are very happy with Truk products” said Alan, “They are good value for money, very reliable and the after sales service, whenever we have needed, it is excellent.



Truk have come up with some interesting innovations for us which will make the equipment more versatile and easier to use. And their liaison throughout the build program has been excellent. I’m very pleased with the finished vehicle and I think it’s fair to say it exceeds our expectations.

John Heussi

Cheshire Police

We like Truk products. We find the build quality excellent, they are very reliable and good value for money. And when we have needed it their back up service is excellent. They are also nice people to deal with.

Ian Pollard and Martin Griffiths

Yeates Garage

I am very pleased with the California Slideback, it’s a very good job and I am more than happy to recommend Truk to any other potential user.

Tony Cooper

TC Salvage

We are thrilled to bits with our new Truk California / 2 Slideback . In fact we are over the moon with it”……..”It was ready on time and everything went according to plan, which makes a change in this day and age. Another thing I was impressed with was the quality of the paintwork. I have seen a lot of commercial paint jobs in my time and the standard of paintwork on the Slideback and chassis really impressed me.

Garry Chequer

B W Chequer

Truk gave me a first class service, and I am very, very pleased with the build quality of the Slideback. In fact I recently took it to an auction and some of my friends, who have bought cheaper Slidebacks, mentioned how impressed they were with the quality of the California.

Paul Healy

Paul Anthony Commercials

I had a small problem with it just after I collected it and I was very impressed with Truk’s response. They couldn’t have been more helpful in sorting out what was a very minor problem. I am also pleasantly surprised by the high standard of build quality of the California Slideback.

Mathew Wright

A B Dynes

They are fantastic Slidebacks, they are built to a very high standard, look great and are very reliable. And that’s why we have bought our last seven Slidebacks from Truk.

Gavin Cleverly

Cwmbran Ford

That’s why I placed my order with Truk [Neil wanted a high quality Slideback, with a high standard specification, equally important to him was to buy from a company who were able to provide him with a good after sales service, and had a record of providing such a service to other Irish operators.], and I am very pleased that I did. The California is a great Slideback, in my opinion the best on the market. And the after sales service is every bit as good as I hoped it would be.

Neil Duffy

Duffy Motors, Southern Ireland

After eight times round they must be doing something right. I have found them to be friendly and understanding of the requirements of the industry along with a quality of build and after sales that remains consistent.


Keans Motor Services

I’m very pleased with the Iveco and the California Slideback. The California Slideback is built to a very high standard and the people at Truk were a pleasure to deal with.

Mo Iqbal

County Motors

I found the people at Truk very good to work with. For instance, I wanted a four wheel dolly and a motorcycle trailer to be fitted into the front locker, and Truk were able to design exactly what I wanted. They couldn’t have been more helpful. I’m very pleased.

Andrew Tayler

Taylers of Woodford

I’m very pleased with the finished vehicle it looks fantastic, very stylish, and projects the quality image I was hoping to achieve. I’m also impressed with the Truk ‘California’ Slideback it’s a top quality Slideback.

John Wadey

J M Wadey Accident Repairs

Since buying it we have picked up another two contracts, so it’s keeping very busy.” He is also pleased with his new Truk four car carrier, “I am extremely pleased with it, the finish is outstanding, and the overall quality of build is excellent.

John Denbow

Yalberton Autos Torbay Ltd

I’m pleased with the Volvo, but the new Truk California Slideback is fantastic; I’m over the moon with it. It’s a first call job. I couldn’t be more pleased.

James Davidson

J Davidson Ltd

It was important to me that the vehicle was built to my exact specification, it was and I’m very pleased with the finished result. It will do everything I want it to do.

Gene Taylor

David Taylor Garages

I have bought cheaper Slidebacks in the past and to be honest have become fed up with the problems they bring. This time I decided to go for a top quality Slideback and I’m glad I did, it’s great. I’m well pleased.

David Wingham

D R Recovery

This is the first Truk Slideback I’ve bought and I’m more than happy with it. It’s built to very high standard and is working well.

Kevin Monaghan

Manor Auto Salvage

We bought the complete vehicle from Truk and are very pleased with it. Truk products are excellent. The build quality is first class; they are very reliable and, in our experience, no other manufacturer offers such great value for money. And we have always found them good people to deal with. When we have needed to use their after sales service they couldn’t be more helpful, and that’s one of the reasons why we keep buying their products.

Martin Griffiths

Yeates Garage Ltd