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Heavy Underlift and Rotating Boom Recovery  Vehicles

TRUK Colorado Heavy Recovery Vehicle Range

‘Colorado’ Underlifts (our U range)

Most popular model has 4.3m Ultra Long & Low Underlift with 9 tonnes capacity at 4.3m reach and a third extension height of only 130mm – No other Underlift that we are aware of reaches further or lifts more

‘Colorado’ Underlifts (our CB range) with Overhead Winching Booms

Most popular model CB30 has 25 tonne (27.6 tons) capacity Overhead Winching Boom with 4.3m reach and a maximum height under the hook of 6.54 meters and our 4.3m Ultra Long & Low Underlift with 9 tonnes capacity at 4.3m reach and a third extension height of only 130mm

CB50 has 45 tonne (49.6 tons) capacity with 3 stage extending Overhead Winching Boom.

‘Colorado’ 360 degree Rotators (our R range) with Separate Underlifts

R45 & R70 Rotators available with choice of Underlifts including our 4.3m Ultra Long & Low model

All models available installed or in kit form with stainless steel or aluminium bodies

The new Truk ‘Colorado’ models range from our U21 Underlift for Lift & Shift operations, all the way up to our current largest model the ‘Colorado’ R70, a continuous 360° Rotator that has a higher hook height and will lift more than a Century 1070.

Our new ‘Colorado’ CB30 with its 4.3m extending crane boom and integral U21 4.3m Ultra Long & Low Underlift offers, as all our ‘Colorado’ models do,  a great specification at a very competitive price.

If our U21 4.3m Underlift with a retracted capacity of 21 tonnes and a fully extended one of 9 tonnes, together with a third extension height of only 130mm, isn’t powerful enough for you, we have other more powerful ones available as options. Like all our Colorado Heavy Recovery Equipment it’s available in kit form or installed, and with or without a stainless steel or aluminum body. The CB30/CB50 body has a three step side profile and is fitted with our new futuristic swept back Delta flyer.

Our new continuous 360° Rotators, the R45, and R70, enable customers to have Rotators that are very powerful for a lot less money than they have had to pay in the past. For example, for about the same price as you would expect to pay for a high quality but ordinary “can only lift over the back” Heavy Crane / Underlift you can now have one of our very powerful ‘Colorado’ R45 continuous 360° Rotators with a stainless steel or aluminum body fully installed to a very high specification with a lot of what other manufacturers offer as options fitted as standard.

Like all of our products the new ‘Colorado’ range offers high quality feature packed products at very competitive prices.